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By the time you receive this newsletter
we will have entered the New Year. There
is always something exciting about a
New Year. It comes to us as a new minted
coin from the hand of a loving and caring
God. We should see the new year as a
time of challenge . We should seek to be
our best in the new year. None of us
know what it holds for us but God
knows. If we have our faith firmly
planted in Him it will be all-right. This
doesn’t mean everything will go as we
wish it would but we will find God’s
grace sufficient for those difficult days.
The new year is not only a time of
challenge but we should see it as a time
of Opportunity . In the life of our church
it is an opportunity to reach lost people
for Christ and to help those who are
saved to grow in their walk with the
Lord. This can be the best year in the
history of our church!

I plan to preach a series of sermons in
the Sunday morning worship service in
January on the subject of “stewardship.”
Listed below are the titles and dates of
these messages.

January 5th - The Challenge Demands Cooperation
January 12th - Principles for Biblical Stewardship
January 19th - How much is enough?
January 26th - Godly Management of Material

Pray for me as I deliver these messages. I
urge you to be in the worship services for
each of these messages. My prayer is that
you and your family will have a great
year in 2020.

It is a joy to serve as your Pastor.
Bro Sammie

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